Finding blockable facet sets

The conerstone of this toolbox is to be able to check whether a set of facets are blockable. A number of functions are provided to perform the test and search for blockable facet sets.

It is easy to test if a facet set is blockable

Test a facet set for blockability
%s is a prepared simplex

%a facet set
fset=[1 3];

%Is it blockable
 disp 'The facet set is blockable'
 disp 'The facet set is not blockable'

Searching for blockable facet sets

Often there is no knowledge of which facet sets are blockable and it is thus necessary to search for blockable sets. The toolbox provides two functions for this purpose. The functions are optimised such that not all permutations of facets needs to be checked.

Find blockable facet sets
%s is a prepared simplex

%finds a blockable set with as many facets as possible

%finds all blockable sets of s