The PAHSCTRL toolbox has a number of options that can be configured according to speed up calculations according to the specific problem or change e.g. simulation and plotting appearance.

All configurations are added to the PAHSconf structure which should be placed in the workspace. Below is a sample configuration file showing the available config options.

%Example configuration file for PAHStoolbox

% Should findBlockable start buttom op in order to reduce avg runtime?
% Most valuable on problems of high dimension

%Uncomment the below line to set a default seed for Monte Carlo sims

%Set the default number of tests for Monte Carlo sims

%Sets the default simulation time for Monte Carlo sims
PAHSconf.simtime=[0 0.4];

%User defined test vectors for finding control laws without fixed points
%PAHSconf.testVectors{1}=[0 1 0 0]'; %Here for a 4 dimensional state space