Computing Discrete Equivalents

Finding blockable facet sets and determining witch facets are controllable is exactly the information needed when computing discrete equivalents. As such the discrete equivalents can be found using the functions already described, but for the sake of usability a number of helper functions are supplied.

Getting a discrete equivalent of a blockset
%s is a prepared simplex and bset is a blockable facet set

%if not all facets of a discrete equivalent are controllable there
%might exist more than one de for a blockset

Finding discrete equivalents directly from the simplex

Most of the time the only reason to find blockable facet sets is to compute discrete equivalents. To speed this process up a couple of functions have been defined.

Search for discrete equivalents
%s is a prepared simplex

%searching for a discrete equivalent without a blockset

%finding all discrete equivalents of a simplex

The de data structure is described in the function reference