Download and Installation


To use the toolbox Matlab and the LMI toolbox is required. All scripts have been tested with Matlab version (R2007b).

Furthermore an openGL capable graphics card is needed to get full use of the plotting functions.

To solve the discrete game abstractions UppAal Tiga is needed and to be able to simulate controlled PAHS the ODE solvers for hybrid systems authored by Prof. James Taylor are needed .


The toolbox is available in zipped format pahsctrl (V1.1) and the User’s guide is available in pdf format.

It includes files from John Burkhardts RANDOM_DATA library slightly modified to use Matlabs internal random generator.

You also need Uppaal TIGA and the hybrid systems ODE solvers.


For easiest use of the toolbox make sure you have write permissions to the Matlab path-file. Else you have to rerun the install every time you start Matlab.

  1. Unzip the software to a suitable location

  2. Run the install/install.m file from Matlab

  3. Run install_check.m in the tests-directory to test the installation

The installer assumes that you have the hybrid system ODE solvers in your Matlab path. If not a warning will be issued.



  • Feature: Plotting simulations of 2D pahs

  • Feature: Support differing partiton of modes

  • Feature: Autodetection of Linux/Unix

  • Feature: Install Scripts includes UppAal configuration

  • Feature: Sanity Checks in spec2uppaal

  • Bugfix: Fix datastructure abuse in findctrl

  • Bugfix: Re-enable plotting of polytopes and MonteCarlo simulations (now 2D only)

v1.0 (Internal Release)

  • Feature: Finding winning strategies to discrete abstraction using UppAal

  • Feature: Conversion of reach/avoid/stay requirements to discret abstraction specification

  • Feature: Refinement of controllers based on winning strategy

  • Feature: Simulation of controlled pahs

  • Bugfixes: Numerous

v0.95 (Internal Release)

  • Feature: Added definition of a PAHS based on the simplex definitions

  • Feature: Computation of discrete games

  • Feature: Multithread support

  • Bugfixes: To many to list


  • Bugfix: Correct the handling of config options

  • Bugfix: Make sure subsets of blockable sets with no discrete equivalents are also searched.

  • Bugfix: Make sure to check for discrete equivalent with no facets blocked if no other discrete equivalents can be found.

  • Bugfix: Also Calculate control laws for no desired exit facet

  • Bugfix: Avoid duplicate discrete equivalents

  • Feature: Add the posibility for user defined test vectors for fixed point tests

  • Feature: Cosmetic changes in plot function

V0.9 First Internal Release